##~~~Improving The Campaign Mode~~~##


Been wrecking my brain on how the campaign mode could be improved after the new update. As it has been welcome having hard and insane modes i’m just finding it repetitive and boring. My idea is having beasts as opponents instead of mechs. Kind of like Pacific Rim if anybody has seen the movie. The beasts could have different weak points for example some have a weakness to fire and you would have to figure this out to defeat them… You could have a whole new map and the beasts get progressively stronger until you fight the king or queen beast at the end of the campaign… To go alongside this you could also have co-op battles with friends against the beasts with some of them requiring two different types of mechs to defeat them.


well we have not only mechs but also tanks and buggies (actually I think they could add “Turrets”, which are immobile but well armored and can’t be pushed/pulled with weapons). Adding a “living” beast would not fit game theme of robots and technologies, but making some sort of mecha-kaiju is possible, altrough I am sure it will require totally new campaing, so devs won’t try to make it fast.