Improvements on my physical mech?


i need ideas


More HP and resistance. It looks to be a more Anti-Energy oriented build so i would recommend grinding to get more Energy Engines to replace those Epic ones. It also needs a bit more Heat Cap and Cooling to survive against wrong choices at the beginning of a match. Other than that, it’s pretty good! What utilities does it have?


i re edited the pic so i can show you what i have


Replace the Teleporter with a max level common one for optimality and efficiency. Other than that, the utilities are fine.


Take off the Desert.


Use that space for modules.


Pretty good up it up :smiley:


The L-M phys res! You need to use that!

Also remove that Terror cry,you don’t really need it.


My thoughts:

  • Max the HP plate
  • Replace the 2 capsule units with an energy engine, more beneficial on the long run I think…
  • Add the phys protector in the empty place once the above is done, to have a bit more chance to win against Physical mechs
  • Max the modules
  • use a lvl 10 common TP

That’s the advices that pop in my mind for now ^^
If you have weight issues (I try to not put you in that case), ditch the weapon you use the less or you find less beneficial…


the phys valiant (i dont remember the name) and terror cry are useless.the heat resistance is not lookin too gud.keep anihilation (add another one if you can),nightfall and spartan carnage.myth iron boots,swap wendigo with zark and you are good to go.


Desert Fury

Plus DF and TC aren’t useless, but still pretty niche I think…


i meant for the mech
most phys mechs dont have them
desert fury (desert furry) is more usefull on phys than terror cry though