Improvements on my heatbuild?


U guys should sorry too -_-
It’s not only my fail
I think u know it too ?


yeah right I think i and they should say sorry to who created this topic
And i ill try to fix it too thx :smiley:


yeah i have did before u say :smiley:


Well u guys delete ur reply as a sorry to Mustanggod
I doing it too
It not only my fail
And you guys know it too and if u don’t know u not a people that have responsibility


Your build seems to go on brut damage…

Maybe replace BackBreaker with Flaming Hammer, replace Energy Capsule Units with Energy Engines once you get some, upgrade everything and you have a pretty decent build in my opinion ^^

The only main downside you should focus on is the RRRREEEEAAAALLLYYY low HP…(to remediate this, you could change your module setup to fit an HP plate, or use Physical Legs instead of Paws, since you already have a range 1 pushing weapon :smiley_cat:)


This is crazy…


I wish I had as many engines and cooling boosters as you. I have like 5 heat engines, about 4 cooling boosters and 1 energy engine. Most of which are epic.


Get energy engines instead of cap units


yeah tc is decent, so i decided to keep it


fight me again. 1v1. that mech vs my second mech