Improvements on my heatbuild?


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Ok i ill thinking. :smiley:


Ok and if u want i will let 2ab.003 control my acc from now :smiley:


Is your head completely hollow or did you not think this through? I said to combine all your posts, and what do you do? Make a 6 post reply to my one post.


I have an high feeling that we should completly remove you just as we did to other boyos.

As we spooken,quit that stupid stuffs.


Not really if I put our in one my head will be forget it in1 min.


Account will be automatic delete in 24h.
Oh nevermind :stuck_out_tongue:



  1. every time when you making fan art DONT MAKE NEW TOPIC, WE ALREADY HAVE Sandbox theme for it

  2. Salt another person? Are you mad?

u so weak lololololololol :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. maybe you have higger rank, but that dont give you permission say you better then him.


umm… i just revenge him because he call me with this in game


I and him is fine now.
Now we friend.


But really I’m not sure why people talk about this theme when they don’t even know the full story
*ps:if u want talk with me about that fanart problem u better say it with some hundred different player


What part of “combine you comments into one post” do you not get!?


Actually, we will understand. Everyone else talks in one post, why can’t you?!? You should get some help or something, because if you are always naive, you need it.


Maybe :smiley:


But why and why u came here just to talk about my wrong won’t u reply the who make this topic


Maybe just because english not his native language? Maybe not 2nd or 3rd? Anyway his skills in it enough to understand him and his position/thinks and etc


Before you insult my way of speaking, get some proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation first.

You know what, I can’t deal with this guy. I’m losing too many brain cells just by talking to him.

Everyone wants you to stop. Combine all your comments into one post and stop being such an arrogant little prick.


umm…english is my second language


Hey guys I think we should stop actives like a kid now we will make who created this topic sad


Mustanggod I so sorry cause we fail because make ur topic became a place to swear another or anythings else.