Improve torso or weapons first?

Hello I want to know your opinion if it would be a good idea to improve the torso wendigo or I wait for you when I have my weapons to mythical and then improve my torso

I just got the torso today xD

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since when was energy blue?

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I think since yesterday I did not know it well

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okay thx, i was really confused

i thought that either it had just changed or i was going colour blind

Weapons first . . . .

Improve always the torso first :exclamation:

Even Aegis / j^8 said that :exclamation:

By that way you get more cooling, cooldown, heat and energy cap and HP.

After that you can go for weapons… :slight_smile:

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they really let me think you two @RALFMAN @Dwightx

No mucho @scarletdragonfly.

Simplemente mejoras primero los torsos y después lo demás…

Para que te sirve tener las mejores armas si al momento te matan, sobrecalientan o te quitan la energĂ­a?

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I have 173 cooling always lose by the attack of my heat weapons so if I improve a torso would be slow because I would have to spend more items in the

and in energy I have some modules that I will improve

e.e wendigo is bestie torso for your modules Antonio i already told ya that
evolve it, you want to switch it then evolve it

I really believe that I will follow the opinion of @Dwightx because it will benefit me more to improve a mythical weapon and then improve all at level 40 and then improve my torso so I will follow the advice of the

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It’s usually best to upgrade your torso first, then legs and weapons, but that’s assuming you have the torso you want to use.

If you don’t have mythical plates, Brutality and Avenger are the best torsos. I would recommend upgrading one of them.

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You are completly right, just @dwightx and @scarletdragonfly are completly idiots…

at least @Dwightx and I have something in common we have everything coldly calculated and part of my life of mech and cooling I am very well and also lately every week I get a mythical


Antonio, eres mocho.

Otra explicación es que, que ustedes dos tenéis menos de 12 años…

Legs Torso and drone FIRST .

Think about HP and over time damage , not full on damage and die in 4-6 turns


dwightx and antonio are under 12.

Thats the final explanation.

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insert airhorn sound here

really my streaks are very good