Improve/Remove Advisors


As we all see
The Advisors we get every 24 ticks(i think) are almost useless
They always tell you this same thing
You are conquered,dont worry…
Build outposts in strategic…
Join alliance…

Maybe we should have more list of advises
Ofc they cant be too specific like ABC is making units kill him, or kill XYZ alliance
but they could do the following
e.g turn xyz op to gate
stop xyz colony from rebelling
The spy is has landed and idle at XYZ coords,plant agent or move
You have less sp at col add more
Your shield has run out ,charge it
Boost cooldown had finished ,reboost
Worker joining rate is increasing
Another thing they could do is remind us to scan 1 tick before big attack (5 squads)
So this wont spam inbox when we send spams and will remind us so we dont lose a lot of squads and re scan before attacking someone, Because ive lost full squads becaused send full squads at empty colonies and they rushed units
And the list goes on…

#Well these are kind of like reminders
#But that is what advisors do:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
#It is better than having these constant and useless advises
Because people usually forget to charge shield or forget about spies they sent[poll]

  • No Advisors Stay As They Are
  • Yes! Definitely we need a change
  • Tweak? If please write

I think this is also quiet easy to implement and will help a lot

Hope someone responsible replies @Alexander :smirk:


TLDR: Update advisers so they give out actual advice which is beneficial and would help the new players out.