Impossible Raid Scores


I thought they were doing good about finally making sure only legitimate scores were kept for raid, and for the most part, recently, there’ve only been cheaters on the first 3 or 4 days, but the last couple weeks, a couple players who already place fairly high in raid seem to be getting scores that aren’t legitimately possible.

I know that Ztsky’s already stated on the forums that Healing Drones do not allow one to obtain a perfect score anymore, since it now counts damage taken despite any HP healed. Given this, I do not believe there is any way to obtain significantly higher scores that users like myself, asa, and Ztsky are obtaining during raid.

For instance, today, there is no possible way to break shut down either the tank, the two mechs, or the boss on the first turn. Instead, one must rely on taking minimum damage from Malice Beam on the tank and two mechs and then taking minimum damage from stomp on the boss. I did this using a mech with over 3300HP and a Supercharge protector today, taking 1 damage each from three Malice Beams, stomp, and 3 drones. This means 7 damage total. I assume asa, Serenity Sunrise, and Ztsky did similar.

HOWEVER, KilliN’s score is notably much higher than any of ours (+419 points). The only possible way for this score to be obtained is a bug or exploit. Similarly, last week, despite ending #2 (El Metre had 1 point more than me) on day 5 and taking only 4 damage on day 6, Azpald’s score was 82 points higher than mine. Although less extreme, this also is not possible without some sort of bug or exploit.

I feel personally cheated by this turn of events where certain players are now obtaining illegitimate scores. I’ve worked hard to improve my raid scores and have spent a lot of time upgrading all the necessary items and Arena bonuses.

Please correct this @Sarah247 @Mohadib


I also escalated the same to @Sarah247 in PM but no reaction…
Lets wait… Thnx for posting this. Raid logic should be changed to avoid this glitch with over HP…


Yeah, I tried contacting support last week too, but they basically just said that they would look into it.


Indeed, it is possible to have a perfect score in the first four days. Many people have accomplished this, so we will just focus on today.

So today, all of the enemies do not start withing Heat Bomb range, and have more heat and energy capacity than anything save for Heat Bomb or EMP to force a cooldown or to break, every opponent will attack you. So let’s go enemy by enemy.

First opponent is a tank which starts at range 5, in range of the malice beam which it will use if you don’t move and then spend one action to move towards you. If you move to range 7 or 8, out of range of the tank’s weapons it will move and then hit you with the malice beam. If you move to range 1 or 2 you are in range of the shotgun which it will then use. So the tank must hit you, but will only hit you once unless you move to range 2 for some reason.

Each of the two side mechs are at range 5, so we can treat them as one case. A mech will always spend one action to bring out the drone and has weapons which cover all 8 ranges (shotgun for range 1-2, malice for ranges 3-6, and the epic version of delerium for ranges 7-8.) So each mech will always attack you twice.

Boss starts in stomp range, and has weapons (when you include stomp) which cover all 8 ranges- hysteria will hit at ranges 4-8 and last words at 2-4 and with teleporting it is not possible to get further from range 5 from the boss. It will always bring out the drone, so you will always get hit twice.

So you will get hit 7 times in the course of the raid today, but with supercharge protector and the correct torso at max and enough energy resistance in the arena shop it is possible to get at least 103 energy resistance, which is sufficient to reduce to 1 (the minimum damage) all attacks from malice beam, drones, and the stomp from the boss. So you can take as little as 7 damage, which is the minimum. Many people appear to have accomplished this, including myself and I got a total score of 18,277 as have 4 other people thus far.

While “max HP” has some effect on score, it does not seem like equipping as many as six plats would be sufficient to cause a 400+ point difference. So Killin’s score appears to be impossible unless there are factors which go into score other than “percentage of health remaining at the end.”


It also depends on how much damage you do.

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Really ?


So how exactly do we end up with dozens (if not hundreds) of people tied for the top score over the first 3-4 days if “damage done” has an effect?


All of these numbers is the devil.

What use is it to change his name for this player?

I tried the 3 things: receive as little damage as possible. Increased HP. Do as much damage as possible. The 3 things increased points (and coins). But sometimes your position on the rank is the same.


But, like, on day 4 the difference between “1 damage taken” and “0 damage taken” is 1 point (which can be reduced to zero if you have enough HP, due to rounding), and the latter is the max score. So how are we making the difference between “7 damage taken” and “the max score” worth over 400 points?


Well… Someone needs to stay at 1st… Maybe this player don’t made 400 more points but this player get a little points more than you and the system give 400 more and the first place.

40,000… Difference between 1 and 2 is 40,000.


But the system has no problem with a 50-way tie for 1st on day 4 or a 5-way tie for 2nd on day 5?


I thought there was a score miscalculation last week, how some people took less damage but got lower scores

Perhaps that factors in some way


I think the first days are rare… Take the total score at the end.


I don’t believe it does when the other top scores are so consistent with each other. There is either a bug or exploit here. I don’t recall seeing you at the top of the raid leadboards, and you’ve got at least 3 top raiders (me, Ztsky, and Cabbage) all saying something isn’t right here.


I mean, nobody is accusing anybody of cheating per se, but this is not the first time we’ve seen some really weird day 5 scores.


I have seemed to have gotten a higher score than Corinite. I do not want to be called a cheater since I did not cheat nor use any exploits, I did raid as I normally do. I was 24th on the board before I attempted to increase my score. To be totally clear, I used this mech:

Last week or the week before, PossibleCabbage asked the forums how much damage people took and I had taken more damage than some of the better Raiders, but ended up on the leaderboard ahead of them due to a faulty point system… I am wondering how the point system works and what the “damage taken” to “points received” ratio is.

If people are upset due to this, I am willing to skip Day 6 to “make up” for this faulty system that seems to have stuck with me for a week as I am not short on tokens nor gold as of this moment. I will also try contact help and try get information. I hope this will conviince you that I am no cheater. I also believe KilliN when he said he did Raid normally and the scoreboard just had a spaz and gave him a couple hundred extra points because that seems to have happened to me.


I believe you both. I did say all along that it could be a bug, but I was a bit wary because it didn’t seem to be like the the issue a couple weeks ago, although now it does seem like that exact thing.

I won’t fault you for doing raid normally tomorrow. I just wish they’d fix this.


Thank you, if this glitch occurs again, I will personally skip the next day. I would rather miss out on tokens and gold rather than be allegedly called a hacker


So that rules out

  • More HP resulting in a higher score (I had just over 3000)
  • More Damage resulting in a higher score (that mech has 0 particularly damaging weapons like magma or flaming scope for overkills).

It seems like there has to be something wrong with the scoring system (which is not your fault, by the way.)