Impossible Hard and Insane Missions


Guys u have made the Hard and Insane Missions impossible to win without revives after u reach the frozen abyss so plz make them a bit easy they do like 300+ damage per turn and have like 1000 hp and they also do 150-170 damage with charge and 270 damage with a single shotgun hit!


for all missions, you should try to use heat mech. If you can overheat tank/buggy withim one or two turns, they won’t make much of trouble, so you only have deal with enemy mechs. This works somewhat worse in Hard/Insane due to enemy having 25%/50% more heat and cooling, but still works for missions up to latest, esperally if you use Lava Spray(s) and pray to RNG to give you proper boosts (repair and cooling are good, energy is not so much). Also remember to not have ANY bullets or rockets on your mech, as if you do have bullets/rockets, some of boosts will be ammo restoring ones, making repair even more scarce


if heat dont works, try phys, i have one non ammo phys mech, 1 nova, pull (you will need because all has knock and shield) and 3 mov leg(no myth, you will need stomp too).

for now works at 914hp, of curse with some luck on recover items…

im on volcano, 2 bosses before end the insane campaing and things are coming hard and fast, so maybe vs 1khp mech will be not enough…


when figuring optimal strategy against Normal final boss (far before they added hard/insane), I noticed that 50% repair boosts somewhy failed to repair more than 400 hp on my 800+ hp mechs. So I doubt more than 800 hp will be that useful

other thing is that you either use your best modules on campaing mech (and feel trashed in pvp), on pvp mech (and campaing becomes slightly harder), or constantly move modules back and forth - which is pretty inconvenient, unless you happen to have more platinum skeletons, heat controls and engine boosteds than you can fit on both mechs.

UPD when I just used 804 hp mech, repair boost restored 402 just as it should. Guess earlier it was just a bug. Still lost that mission, because in boss mission it is hazardous for your health to receive only 1 repair and 1 heat boosts along with 4 energy…


impossible to win? No… u can revive as much as u like/can afford. Not just that but if u use the correct equipment u dont need to revive.
Im glad they are challanging now, everyone complained about how easy they were.


Have you ever wondered why they are called Hard and Insane


thank you for your useful pay2win opinion, we needed just that

that equipment is what we discussed above. Notably, even that isn’t enough for latest insane missions - buggies and tanks deal much damage before you destroy/overheat and destroy them and mechs are extremely resilent and will deal even more damage.


say that to the fact than im 2 insane bosses before end the game, is not only how much hp you have, is how efective are the weapons you use:

you maaybe will say: “dahh those wapons are weak, you can beat anyone with that…”

but we are talking (for now) of campaing, so have one high hit, and 2 drainers with pull and knock, make you resist the high damage of those overpowered mech on hard and insane…

plus they use shields, so you need do more damage every turn…

why not a shedder swarm, or any mech with more damage and ammo? easy, you will use all in the first minion, but the mision at leas have 4 or 5 enemys…

its working for me, like you can see on the post of update, im on danger zone now… :slight_smile:

maybe the only one there…:rabbit:


Its just 10 tokens a pop… u can watch minimal ads and get that. :thinking::thinking::thinking:
Try double lavaspray and heat axe. Works wonders :stuck_out_tongue:


um what ads? I play on Kongregate there never was "watch ads get tokens"
and even if it was, I would instead save tokens so I can buy more gold boxes on next sales

ikr, but I only have Meltdown (no heat haxe/spammer) and 1 lava spray :frowning:

no I don’t say that, I myself using pull/push combo on arena mech. I just want this firewall ;_;


oh kongregate? RIP then. gg no re. Ur honestly better off making a new acc on the main website. Kongregate players are basically “second class citizens”.


“second class” doesn’t mean someone playing on their phone have better game balance or access to exclusive items (not counting some bugged thing like ads), so I guess I will stick to my kongregate rank 1-2 (based on luck and meta) account. After all, SuperMechs is a game with a great potential which I would like to play if it was properly made and balanced - but not love of all my life.

just realized that devs, when making hard/insane, increased enemy damage but did not change any resistances. Probably would be good if player’s resist was multiplied by same value as damage. Otherwise (like right now) resists mean much less in hard/insane


The best is double metal shredders for this one… overheating might be the best against big boy…and the other hard missions…


Bru…Like literally… I can tell you ain’t rank 1 yet…


your intuition has failed you. Probably not for the last time

1st mech is my arena rank 1 mech (push/pull), 2nd is what I use for campaing

or do you really think “no metal shredders = noob”?


jeje you even get bigboy with enough ammo on this campaing? i doub it… P_P yeah bigboy is weak vs heat, or it was… im close to him, one boss more and i will beging the last part of game :3


Big boy is still too easy. less HP more cooling *facepalm *