(IMPORTANT) Old forum not linked to Supermechs?


Okay this happned 4 days ago and still isnt fixxed :frowning: basically if i use the traditional forum to change my password to my supermechs account it will only change the password on the traditional forum and leave my account the same please HELP @Sarah246


Same to me.


Killin since u are the best supernechs youtuber you should make a post on this and get much more people attracted


It’s @Sarah247, not 246 actually :slightly_smiling_face:


Shouldn’t @Sarah247 get a day off once a week, and be sarah246? Lol


Sarah actually wont help with this, she will pass it to the devs, and they will do nothing, because it’s just like who gives a shit for the old forum?

The only who would help us with issues on the old forum is @Alexander and he’s just too busy now working on BD.


The maintenance spoken about here http://community.tacticsoft.net/t/schedule-downtime-2-28-2018/12399?u=gaurav
Should fix the issue with the login/passwords also.


Not true!
The devs are telling me this will be fixed when the server is back up.


That are great news. I’ve “lost” accounts because of this problem.

Thanks Sarah.