Important announcement 📣

We are looking for active players with a LOT of spare time to join us and help us reach 20k wins by the end of the next 1v1 season

We are not doing this for the reward but just for fun and the challenge of it, we want to explore the limits of what is possible when like minded people band together.


  • Your rank isn’t important, we just need constant activity
  • 120 Daily wins X 7

And that’s about all the info for now, anyone who is serious (and a little bit crazy) about helping us reach this goal can send me a private message and we’ll sort things out from there.

So far the team consists of these people: (Will be updating list)


holy shit that is a lot.

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I can maximum get 50 wins a day :stuck_out_tongue: lol

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Thanks for at least replying but I don’t think we’ll make it. Nobody messaged me so that’s the end of that idea.

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You cant expect me to win that much but ill try lmao

Holy crap I only reach 100 wins by the end of the season when I struggle to get rank 3 and wasting 1+ whole hours. I really wanna see how your project will go (sadly I won’t participate,too tough for me).

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Sadly it won’t be happening. Seems like no arena grinders except me and bunboy are active on the forums.

It won’t go anywhere. Not even one person joined.

I can’t understand why TS wants us to tire our ass off that much just for 100 Tokens, 20K wins deserve like 600 Tokens that win amount is insane.


I wasn’t really to try to do it for the tokens, just for the heck of it. Not sure what is the record for wins in a single season but I wanted to beat it.

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120 wins… a day?? wtf

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Maybe if you somehow managed to motivate the 22 most activate players across all top clans you would have a chance.

I’ve seen people do incredible things in this game, and getting a full clan of grinders is possible, however challenging as they all have found their clan for the most part. Language barrier might also get tricky.

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It’s possible during 1v1 season. It just takes a couple of hours.

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I don’t really have a way of doing that since they’re not on the forum. Also I highly doubt they would bother leaving their top clans. Well, I thought that it’d go poorly but I at least had hope 3-4 people would be up for it.

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with smurfing probably

834 wins per player if make 24/24 clan… quite possible in 1vs1

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Nope, you can get that much. You just can’t suck.

i’d be down to try if this happend during the holidays or something but with school starting idk if that many ppl are gona be able to help you, i wish you the best of luck either way

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welp there goes my chances

also gl

I can get 500 wins but schools bout to start so half that maybe. Plus I’m in a clan already so why am I saying this