Important announcement concerning the future


MU’s fans praying for the match today.




Also, Bruce… Lets not spam this thread as we already did haha, lets leave it for the good news about the game.

Good Luck in ur era. Ciao.


…fck Brasil :slight_smile: !


He is blue da ba dee


i have never heard of that company.
but hope it helps, good luck ts


Company formed by BD players I think


I don’t like trap hentai that’s kaen and your thing, I also don’t have any time for BD now, I could probably watch but that’s it.


Yeah we figured TS wasnt paying attention to us anymore so we formed a company and bought BD from TS.


nice so are you guys going to make a forum?




so you guys are pretty crazy for doing this and i think it´s a great idea.
i must congratulate you guys for doing this.


thanks …


Fellas, its time to buy sm and make it a game again




Wait what andrei cosmin bought the game LOL?


by discoursehosting?


Soo extra cute i know now bd will progress .sm hijacked all resources and still couldnt shine like bd but now old will be gold again i guess .atleast forum will be different …lets be honest more than half of sm community was little kids with no life and all day spam chat with roleplay lol. I will start bd soon


This happened??yet…


Has the future of the new BD already started :interrobang: