Important announcement concerning the future


You ever heard of the lemon party?

p.s. - this was a joke. Save your eyes.

My salary is not free! (just practically is)


Yes and Goatse, 2 girls 1 cup, meat spin etc. I’m not THAT out of touch :stuck_out_tongue:


Time to start stacking Blues again eh? Damn.


CE3=November or December.


im down, always need a new era to get cucked and then suicide my army in

also. call me sometime that isn’t 3 am mi amor


Hey Celene here, ex DoCE member :heart_eyes:

I m very happy to hear this awesome announcement, Congrats Andrei i have faith in you!!!

I ve played BD since 2009, i m an old player, and old too :blush: but i love BD with my heart, this game has given me many Friends, good mates, long sleepless nights, laughs even tears!

I just hope you can make BD as GREAT and lively as before and you can convince our old Friends and good players to come back !!! lets spread this announcement please!! , i do know many of them have left for good, but i know too other abandoned bD because wasn t competitive as before

Good Luck Andrei

Hello Ilona and Simmen again :slight_smile:

Thanks Michael for all these years

Long Live to BD!


On a serious note, some EA players have asked me to tell you about the 150 player community they have on LINE app and that they believe in the game and the new owner /team to do well and would very much love if u guys can visit them on LINE and occasionally listen to them. They were very excited with the news too @Alexander @Simmen @Ilona


really excited to know what the new take over company do
get more traffic to the game? or keep it dead?:hugs:


Most importantly, does this mean I finally get my promised m3 admin role? :rofl:


What’s the difference between Black Trajic and White Trajic?


Black trajic has black dick and white trajic has white dick.


No, seriously, what’s the difference between them?


@Bruce0206 White trajic is the original version, the Black one is his darkest side. But both are now retired.


From white trajic we are referring to @trajic1 as his skin colour is white, he lives in Britain and is half Englishman.

Black trajic is @psi as he is black and resides in Latin America.


Black trajic is evil, white one has a heart.


You are the original Trajic, right?


I think there was one orange trajic as well.


@trajic1 is the original one yes. I’m just a copy… Thats why its Black.

@Hitmo you could’ve said from Brazil as Latin America is like 99% Spanish haha


Plot twist I’m not even white wtf


You had blocked me for a long time so I was not very
much sure if you were from Brazil though I kind of knew that you were from there and now I was just too lazy to check again.