Important announcement concerning the future


I wont miss you at all :heart:


Can the accounts be separated, but use the same details?


Don’t worry about account details for now. Many users play both games including half the moderation team.

(I’m sure an announcement will be made at some point)


SM’s last breath lmao


First of all, I am really excited to see people are very positive about the change. Having played this game since 2008 till a few years ago, it is really close to my heart and the fact that there are still players who care about it makes all the difference.

Second of all, in between Alex, Ilona, Simmen (newb player but great guy and admin :slight_smile:) you are in really good hands. I will let them drive the transition and then the growth of the game cause no one (including me for sure) knows what BD needs more than them. So you will hear very little from me going forward, it’s all about the team and the players.

Third of all, we welcome everyone’s ideas, help, support and initiatives. This has to go back to being player driven.

And last but not least, you have my word I won’t be taking a single penny out of the company until BD is put on the right path and EA is redeveloped into what it was always meant to be: BD 2.0 and a move into the future. All your reds will go towards that.

Peace out,

PS: yes at some point there will be a CE3 and yes I will win again (evil laugh)


its finnaly time bois
get the meme guns ready :gun:


Time to get the team back together


Hi Dawners!

First of all, it feels like coming home :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. God damn (sorry), I missed you all!
We’ll move on to a new forum as soon as possible, so I am here just as newly registered account and without my purple ball avatar, but I do think some of you will also remember me by my name.

For those who do not: I was a player (not really a good one - thats why I always lead), a former community manager, a former marketing manager, and the former product manager of BD and SM. So basically, I worked my way up between march 2010 and January 2017. And then, let’s say, life happens.

However, I am back now.
I am more than happy to work with Alex again, who kept this game alive against all odds bow,
with Simen (jeez…what have I done??) - A great guy and the only one that always manage it to make me shut up; with the new and old moderators, and of course with the existing admin team.

We got tons of exciting plans for BD as well as for BDEA, but it will surely take some time. Don’t expect wonders can happen within a week or month.
However, we’ll keep you guys/gals in the loop. We’ll try to update you as soon as possible and we’ll need your feedback more than ever before.

Its now up to us to create something unique. As the game and company is now truly made from players FOR players.
I don’t have a company email right now, but as soon as I got one, I will publish it and I really hope that you guys make use of it. Let us together consider, rearrange and modify our path to the future of BD.

Last not least, I’d like to say thanks to Andrei (Cosmin; Daemon; the guy obsessed with cats) - who is now my new boss.
I don’t think many people love the game as much as he does AND got the possibility to take this such far.
(plus, he somehow understand my german sense of humor)
And no - whether a CE will happen or not - he won’t be allowed to play. At least not if I admin it!! :sunglasses:

That’s it for now. Feel free to PM me.
(If I ever banned you, I am sorry, I won’t discuss bans older than 2 years :wink:)
See you soon!

  • Ilona


Welcome back Ilona. As a newish player (4 years) i love to see people coming back to bd.


fucking based.

@Carter @Zealot wanna do a troll team for the first era on new bd? I could probably get jik and kaen to join too they still basically still just spend their time fapping to trap hentai and lurking 4chan from what I can tell.


This is the skype account where you should forward your nudes for verification.
You are welcome.


pretty accurate tbh. i didnt think you would play the new BD. i thunk you were gonna stay with Sm.


Will any part of the financial dealing will ever be made public?


@Misfit being old and ttly out of touch with modern day Internet usage I, like a fool, googled up what is trap hentai. FYI, I’m scarred for life.


Edit: Just to show you how outdated I am I turned to my girlfriend and was like, “Wanna Netflix and chill”. Our son went all kinds of crazy and called me disgusting. I was totally baffled. I’d heard Netflix and chill and thought it was just that, that I was like, being a cool parent, how wrong was I.


Since when do private businesses reveal financial data?


private companies do make their purchases public also reveal the value at which they purchase just that most of those companies are publicly traded companies on stock exchange.


Why? Its a private company you are not stockholder actually you arent even a stakeholder why would anyone show any financial records to you?


because we would like to see them duh


A publicly traded company is not a private company lol


Probably was free lol