Important announcement concerning the future


You used to work on Supermechs?


Now I can teach my kids to play bd!! :3

Darn I’m so happy I can’t find a suitable adjective in my vocabulary :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Back in the good old days, ilona and simen made my pretty girl parts tingle and precipitate/moisten.


There is a reason he is called Semen.


Wait,what about Battle Galaxy?


Battle Galaxy should also have been acquired.


What about the accounts? I thought SM and BD are connected.


I honestly wouldnt mind creating a new account and losing my medals and stats if it means I can go to a forum free of SM players and the game will grow.


There will be a new seperate forum for Battledawn as it will no longer be associated with SM. New company and all. The separation of SM from BD backend has been ongoing for some time. @Alexander what’s going to happen SM & Bd connected accounts. Will they continue to function as they do now?


BD has not been utilizing SM developers for years. SM had been taking BD’s dev’s however, which lead to us only have Alexander (and before that, literally no one working on BD). SM even ended up taking BD:EA’s developers to help on the SM side. But sure, maybe now that TS isn’t worried about BD anymore (which honestly, they never were for years now), perhaps they’ll decide to up their game and develop more. Who knows.

As for the accounts. All i know is that they will be working on the migration in the near future and it should separate the accounts. However, I’m sure anything of value you had in BD that was in SM will still be there (reds, etc) and more than likely, any reds you had in SM will be in BD as well. I can’t imagine they’d take away what you paid for.

And no, the BD side will not continue to be using this discourse. This is Tacticsoft’s forum. Along with the migration, we will also be moving to a different forum as well.


Bye Bye Tacticsoft u wont be missed by BD players .


Thank god that barren wasteland has also been saved, where would the 5-team-families farm their tokens otherwise?




Yes, accounts will have to be separated.

Back in the beta times I worked on balance, names and general feedback on the game. But I did all of that because I was a BD admin. Which is what I’ll be doing now that I’m coming back. As for what world/worlds? IDK yet, other more important things needs to be sorted out first :slight_smile:


Can we has fantasy 5.5? Not fantasy 5 bcos I’m in hall of fame thing as rank 3 on the last fantasy 5 era


Will all the records in this Forum be archived ?
although not the best, we had some memorable moments here :sob:


Will we also have a new website??


I wish ALL on Battledawn side a great “”“new”"" start :exclamation:

May your game hit a new high point :exclamation:


Special to @Ilona and @Alexander I wish only the best and much much much success :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

@Malicewolf a huge Thank You, you are the best and MOST NEUTRAL moderator I ever met in an forum :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I will miss @Kaen in this forum :exclamation:



May the Battledawn wars begin :exclamation:


Wow i didnt even get a mention , can someone fake mention that they will miss me ??


When you ask so kindly …

I will miss you @BaBaBaBaBane a lot :exclamation:

(totally honest meant :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )