Important announcement concerning the future


The SM team have been dedicated 100% to SM for the last 2 years I believe.

A :gift: for tacticsoft (developers and admins)

My point exactly… this won’t affect the speed of TS updating SM because they already were at max capacity

A :gift: for tacticsoft (developers and admins)

Lol @ the SM players thinking this is good news. The SM team was working solely on SM, but the BD team has had to help out SM a lot while still trying to work on BD. All this means is that SM will be worked on less as the intelligent and talented people on this forum will no longer be here, leaving the overall IQ of this forum and SM to go down. I think this is bloody good news. Glad to hear Simen and Ilona will be back

A :gift: for tacticsoft (developers and admins)

We taking our princess @Elcent with us.


I’m kinda worried about the survival of SM tho. All those preteens without anymore adult supervision. Its gonna be wild over here


Take me with you :sob:


I think I might start playing this game again

Might be a little bit to young for the BD chads that reside here


wait. . .
TS keeping SM?


This is crazyyyyy! Going to bring a lot of people back


This news is the biggest breath of fresh air for BD

Really happy for alex and everyone :slight_smile:



oh good






Hey guys and gals! :slight_smile:

Happy to be back, and looking forward to seeing how BD will evolve under new leadership.

Feel free to add me on skype:


Eww look what the cat dragged in…


the magnificent viking of spam.


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Ilona? I’ve found out where the mech name Ilona came from!


What about the account that is linked to BD?
Will the account get separated?