Important announcement concerning the future


Hello Commanders,

BattleDawn was the founding game of Tacticsoft 13 years ago, catapulting to the top of charts all over the internet and taking the company to where it is now, with SuperMechs as a global hit and Earth Arena complementing Battle Dawn on mobile.

This has however also lead to growing challenges, SuperMechs has required more and more work to reach its potential and manage its growth, leaving little time left within Tacticsoft for BattleDawn, ultimately making the upkeep of this game into a challenge.

As the company shifted to better accommodate SuperMechs, the required skills to keep BattleDawn running have gotten sparse.

We are happy to inform you that as of 1/2/2019, Gato Games has agreed to acquire Battle Dawn and Earth Arena from Tacticsoft. Gato Games was founded by a veteran BD player, Andrei, also known for leading Championship Era winner DoCE, with the express purpose of bring Battle Dawn’s unique experience to the modern era.

With the aid of the existing BattleDawn team and the involvement of some old players and former staff, Gato Games will focus on bringing BattleDawn to new heights and working on creating it an exciting future. This way Gato Games can work together with the community to create the next 10 years of BattleDawn,

As part of this process, Ilona and Simen have been rehired to the team. After the deal is closed, Gato Games will immediately begin identifying and addressing the most major issues facing BattleDawn and work hard to bring more players to the game. There will be a server migration within weeks of the finalisation of the deal and Gato Games intends to update BattleDawn and explore a future for its recent spinoff, Earth Arena, as well.

Tacticsoft and Gato Games hope to satisfy both communities to their best extent this way and we hope you are excited for this new chapter for BattleDawn and SuperMechs as we are.

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Suck on that supermechs, we are rich :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s great that fans of the game are the ones taking it over.



He posts this on a Tacticsoft forum…


Best news in a year, now time to hijack forums and kick supermechs players from here.




Its Sushi we talking about… you know what i always say …:joy:





are ok


As old player (earth, E7, E5, E1…mars & fantazy wasnot there yet);
And as a gamer that played only BD as online game;
Its a super newz that i was waiting age ago.
Now i can begin believe on BD Eternity.

bye Michael, thanks for your Own efforts…
Thanks for the new owner.


lets hope this transitions smoothly

ive seen many ownership transfers make the game just a quick cash grab and eventually kill off what interests are even left


It was bought by an old player who loves the game, for a company which contracted the current (me :P) and previous (Ilona) manager of the game.

Don’t fret =)


Someone had told me there was a great joke on the forums, so I came to check. Indeed a great joke. Thanks @Swagger

CE3 soon.

Simen is back, awesome. Ilona? Meh. Now just let me know once you guys are getting rid of the rest of the scumbags Admins.

Thanks Daemon.


this is awesome news


Well this is great! I joined BD at the right time!

Will this Discourse still be in use?


Does this mean Supermechs will have more time to be developed, and thus more features?


I mean, they already are pumping updates hard regardless


Good news if it implies that Tacticsoft will be able to put more time and energy into Supermechs !

Thank you , @Alexander !!