IMPORTANT: All boxes have been extremely nerfed, Silver - Premium


Confirmed all boxes from Silver to Premium are nerfed to the point I’m utterly disgusted! Players are spending thousands of tokens and not getting any legends. Silver boxes are giving less cards, which are 90% commons.

This is INSANE! The SM economy has crashed.

Please share your experiences here since last few days.

Stop spending money....!
**NEW** 2v2 Campaign
**NEW** 2v2 Campaign

Give normal silver box back! Really every update like a iphone, on first look ist good , but if you take a closer look you will see that a total trash


What happened with silver boxes?


Drops from them undecreased on 20~30%


You mean drops were nerfed, again ? ^^


Yep, again nerfs… nerfs…


Less items and less valuable ones


What,you mean this?

Yeah,I’m getting sick of it too.


It’s a common power kit bonanza. Just effing LOL!

What are these people doing to us?!!!

That was the best I got out of 4. I stopped after that. I will just collect all the gold now. Maybe go for record of 1 trillion.


Dude,too bad I was in a hurry and didn’t take more screenshots.
I got like 5 of these,1 being completely common filled.


I think they want to slow down merges, it’s going long

can be sell new power kit


I’m not sure who thinks that progress via the gold purchaseable boxes is too fast and needs to be nerfed another 20 - 40% (between reduced number of items and increased proportion of power kits).

It was already glacial, especially considering the need to make 2 mechs. Now it’s… subglacial? Tectonic?


yah i got bull this morning


That ain’t no silver box anymore.
It should be renamed to “trash bin”.

If that is what the new campaign update means then by all means keep the 2vs2 campaign mode for yourselves, TacticSoft, and return some decent drop rates back to silver boxes and mixed boxes!


Not man to offense anyone, but I just get less rares, still the same epic and the same commons (a bit more).


Well it’s called “silver box” for a reason


Not funny dude. It’s not a laughing matter …except maybe for devs. They are really taking the piss with this!


Lucky i’m not the only one realized they nerfed silver box.

-They decrease card noumber output (silver box used to drop 3 card most of time u play/buy it). ATM ,it’s dropping 2 card x box mainly…

-since last update, silver box is dropping “power kit” common/rare item most of tries.

-IM NOT SURE- It’s looking item tier got a decreasment too.
I mean before update, EX: rare tier items had 20% chance to drop & epic tier items had 15% drop rate. Now after update it’s looking items got a drop decrease. Like epic tier items have 10% drop rate, rare items have a 12% now.

I had to spend my 2.5 milion golds at all 3 day ago e.e


Ah they limited ADV bonus card u can afford too IF IM NOT WRONG AGAIN

PS: playing without premium/prime account


Guys, beware: It is not only these boxes that are nerfed. Players have confirmed spending 6500+ tokens in last few days and getting average of 1 legend, not even L-M from premium boxes and packs.

Ask @lordgorgon @Rising @Wepwawet @bestpIayerintheworId

I also spent a lot of saved tokens in last couple of days and got only purple poops. @rising got ZERO legends out of 8500 tokens. This is just taking the piss with us! I am disgusted!

Spend at your own stupidity. You have been warned!