I'm very poor, 20K


2nd try


Nice, How much GOLD you get from doing HARD…


We will see when Sm loads :3

2 rares and 10 tokens


How much fuel did it cost? Mine is locked. I want to do some math…


Where should I grind for legendaries?
People have been telling me that Ramboy is a bad place.


ither ramboy 1v1 normal or bigboy 2v2 normal


12 fuel for a rlly hard mission


Cool… Well
I have fuel of 76 divided by 12 is 6.333 tries, so 7 tries be after reach the last try. So time those 7 tries by 18,314 you get 128,198

On normal, I get 8 tries. One mission is about 14.3. So you get around 114,000.

So hard is worth it…


i feel sorry 4 u lol


I got 1000x the gold than you and around 201x tokens


(Just now) I had 100K and I legendary maxed my claw. I have 9K now.