I'm very poor, 20K




I have 47 coins and 5 tokens


Once I had 25, it was after Mything my Zarkares.


Eh, ya don’t know when I used to have 1 coin with 1 token.
Heh. Good times.


I save a lot…I have 252 time your tokens
I have 522 times your coins…


You do your daily missions?


And more. I save a lot. I’m waiting for the 5 premium pace for 1000 tokens…

The reason I save, is for a massive upgrade. I usually myth 3 - 5 items when I save…


Oh damn. Maxing included?


Yep… Takes awhile, yet worth saving… :wink:


Where do you farm? (In the last 2 zones I don’t have Insane)


I farm either in OD6 insane or 2v2 OD8 normal. I been doing OD6 a lot now. You get 14,000 every time.


I do OD6 Hard, I can’t survive OD8 Hard.


I afk farm Bigboy 2v2 Normal but now that i have 2 op physical mechs do i try for hard?

  • Yes
  • No
  • maybe
  • Do Insane

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And thanks to portal :3


Have you beaten the 2v2 hard before?
If yes, Did you have to revive those mechs with atleast 2 kits?
Did you have to use your second mech half way?

If no, go for it with auto. Might loose sometimes…
If yes, you’ll loose most of the time



But i changed my mechs, loading them with Hp and res, i should be good :3


Give it a try, at least…


And then Sm Crashed, Time for try 2


How many kits did you have to use?


4 kits, 0 revives, Around 5450 hp


Hmm, then I would not let Auto handle it… It makes stupid moves.