I'm thinking of working on a game based off of this one, would like some input if any of the other 5 subscribers are active :)


So, I played Battledawn for about 2 years when I was in high school, got into the top ten alliances twice and lost it all to a cheater one time (he had 30ish multi-accounts, was banned just after I was defeated) and just plain got destroyed in the other, I digress though…I want to make a game that plays similar to Battledawn, but has a few aesthetic changes (grid system as the map for more streamlined planning, perhaps maps that I develop myself) and I also want to be able to remove the Pay to Win options that I felt put my alliance and I at an insurmountable disadvantage. Do any of you guys have ideas of what you would like to see? Anything that you feel absolutely MUST stay? I’d really appreciate any input!

TL;DR > Loved Battledawn, want to make a game similar but with some improvements, and I would really like some input from players of the game that I loved in high school Xvideos Xnxx


if u love battle dawn, then try to make it better instead of creating new game that is based on battle dawn, cuz it is copyrighted problem