I'm thinking about restarting


I have terrible luck.
I really don’t like it when I have a bad start on an account…
so… I was thinking about restarting. I hate having bad luck in a game. It happens in every. Single. Fudging. Game.
So, should I restart? I know its my choice but I want to see people’s opinion.

  • Restart
  • Don’t Restart

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How this helps with my luck, I don’t know.

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Idk…if you had sht legy…then restart it…

Here’s my mech :confused:
52 AM
25 PM
(The energy engine, one of them, are mythical level 42)
I know its a good build, but… I just don’t have good luck.
And I hate that fact so much ;-;


Don’t restart it!!

It looks great!

I still want a mercy though…

Dude that looks amazing (especially to a noob like me, lol). Why would you restart that?

IDK what your current level is, but dude… With the current droprates? Do you really consider startingh from scratch? Imagine a nice portal coming up, or even the Unicorn portal, and you are too noob to even think about completing the easy way… Almost forgot… Up to a certain level you have module slots locked, so you cannot even mount 8 modules… That is just insane… I would have to commit suicide to start over… NEVER.


Dude…you don’t need mercy mate…It look’s fine as just it is!

I have a PP on my noob account but I will never restart from beginning

I am going for a rico build, and I really like the mercy shotgun…

You can unlock all mods spaces within like 3-4 hours of playing. (I believe they’re set to unlock at lvl 32 or some shit).

And restarting when he has that good of a mech is purely freaking stupid.

If you’re going for R.I.C.O’s build. Be prepared to wish for 3 energy storage units, 2 plat plates, mythical protector and mercy.


tbh i’d say dont restart
your build is great and it’s lit
listen… your not the only one without luck, lately i’ve been getting only commons from the silver chest that appear almost never
i can’t max my modules if i keep getting such low amounts of items, also i die most of the time cause energy mechs hate my heat builds… i also haven’t gotten any worth premium in a LONG time
i havent gotten any of the new weapons that have come out lately (like heat bomb, the claw, flaminator and hot flash…)
and tbh for my build if i got at least the heat bomb i would be able to make a better set up and probably win more fights…
also now with the new difficulty of the raid i can’t pass the last level…

so just hang in there, im pretty sure something good is going to happen to you sooner or later

Don’t restart. With all those items, you’ll regret restarting.
Starting over doesn’t guarantee your luck.

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You wont have a “better luck” if you restart.


I got 2 within a week from each other you will get one soon.

We’re the same but stay determined, Cause you’ll never know on when you’ll get extremely lucky

Took me months to unlock them all…

It was harder for me to go from level 0-50 than from 50-150

You technically can’t “restart” only make another account (unless you fuse all your items into one dumb item but you’ll still have a used campaign, 150 levels and your rank)… so if you want you can but Ts don’t support it