Im the only one who thinks heat eruptor becomes the worst drone?


Since boiling scope was released this drone becomes even worse, boiling scope its lighter and also deals more heat, i know heat eruptor deals more hp dmg but have the same stats than evil rock with the difference of dealing 4 max heat dmg, but sector eyes(both of them) have more heat dmg and hp dmg and theyre lighter
that 4 max heat dmg doesnt worth all the extra weight without an improve on heat dmg
even the other similar drones have a lower heat generation ill suggest to make it lighter to 40Kg, and improve its heat damage to 30 and decrease its hp dmg to 35
Giving it those stats:
Weight 40Kg
Bullets consumption: 5 per round
heat generation: 10
HP explosive dmg: 35
Heat dmg: 30
Max heat dmg: 4

Obviously electricon sould have a slightly boost too but it doesnt use energy so i think its ok like it is and bullet shark just need a better distribution of 44-70 hp dmg

im saying this because this was my first item maxed out and now compared to a lvl 1 boiling scope doesnt do enought, so maybe it would have a better use like this?
what do you think?


They’re simply making better myths that the older ones like the Inferno Axe > Meltdown


Actualy in the same build, meltdown vs infernoaxe… metldown build wins.
So yeah inferno axe is a better allrounder… having no energy requiered…
But put meltdown against a DS… and you might think it otherwise.
Plus it weights alot less.


Well still…it’s not like you’re always gonna fight DS builds. Also, in terms on its role of being “heat” type, I think Inferno Axe would be a much better option that meltdown. On the weight, Meltdown wins but sacrificing use of energy can be suicidal. Also note the damage difference. But anyways, I think Meltdown is actually good but not good enough as Inferno :stuck_out_tongue: