I'm sorry people


Well you have probably seen two of my topics that are just spam. That is right for the first one called ‘‘A brand new slot’’ but not for the second one. I’ve just been writing a topic, but something glitched up and I coudn’t write. So I just went mad and posted the crap that was wrotten there. There was more, but it glitched up, as said. So, I’m very sorry for all of that. :pensive:

  • Ok I acept your apologise
  • I still hate u lol

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I am still confused on how it managed to glitch?


He didn’t know the edit button existed that’s why he just left the incompleted post there



:confused: wat? :confused:


Everything in this world is either a paradox or isn’t a paradox.




No one is gonna hate you because of that friend.


Well it looks like 3 ppl absolutely despise him for that thread


Of course, of course…