Im retiring the game and forums


Im quitting supermechs, lost my second account, so bye everyone
it was nice to know you.


Lol such a short and quick leaving anyway bye enjoy life.


Bye, have a happy and successful life, good luck to you!


Well enjoy your time off from here. Until then, have a great time and see you later.


im just tired of losing accounts


Then you shouldn’t make the account with a hard password from the start , Anyways , Enjoy your life , I’ll see you on the other side


:frowning: I hope you can enjoy your life…


Best regards to you.




Cya l8er m8 :wave:


There’s no reason to quit. I know of someone who forgot her password. She contacted customer “support”, and then got her account back.


I lost my main account back on legacy and contacted them. Never got it back :smiley:

I still want it back…


Bye dude. Have an enjoyable life. I hope you find a nice partner, get married, have children and forget this game ever happened. Most people want to forget it happened.


bye and welcome back