Im quiting supermechs


the game is getting boring


Yep, now is all p2w, im quiting it too.


i farm everyday but i realize i farm for nothing when another powerful item comes later


Im not, im P2w, infact i just went shopping


i mean i farm when i use the computer which is everyday but only few hours


Ah yes
Another topic about quitting


all quiters wants supermechs 2012


I miss the legacy times :,/


I only miss the free gold box


i miss strategyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


i miss nothing, i like this version cause us p2w players get a unfair advantage, wanna see my shopping cart after shoping for some boxes :stuck_out_tongue:


what do you mean unfair


Becuase we get alot of op items
Let me just…

i got 3 others not showen here


ok im not gonna quit im gonna play harder but still doing something in real life


bye and welcome ba-- oh you’re already back!


and tommorrow im gonna quit again




You still arent r1 lol


really dont want to play arena just wanna save up alot of gold


Nither are you lol, i could be if i wanted to ;-;
i am just lazy