I'm proud of Zarkares

I’m honestly surprised


Yes, if you can overlook his severe mental issues, his sprites are amazing. :slight_smile:


Mental issues? You have shit taste in anime sorry man


So Flux doesn’t like anime?.

Flux just made a joke and Zarkares seems to have taken it seriously.
That is my estimation for those 2 posts.

He watches 3d shows instead of anime, shame on him :frowning:


He doesn’t hate anime. I DO !

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Undertale has shitty fandom

No one asked u…This is something between undertale and anime fan’s.

But certain Undertale characters like anime, y’know? Alphys for example…

But hey, it’s your opinion, so I’m cool with it. I understand that not everybody can enjoy anime.

Yea true and i appreciate u undestand (U rlly are a smart person, we need more like u )

Actually, this is a thread about Zarkares and his achievement not a beef between two fandoms.


yea…i give u that but it’s killing time work :slight_smile:

I think he like anime, BUT maybe not in 97% of all posts in a SuperMechs forum :exclamation:


And @Zarkares … well done, deserved that this torso is named after you, great design, special the mythical version :exclamation:



All it took was hundreds of sprites for @Zarkares to get his own item in the game.

What is Undertale? I know what is anime though.

It is a pixelated rpg, bullet-hell type game.

It tells a story of a human child who fell in an underground world full of monsters.

In this game, the king of the monsters declared war on humanity and they had a long battle. Eventually, the humans won and sealed the monsters underground with a magical barrier that can only be destroyed with 7 human souls.

It’s a good game. You should try it out. There are 3 main endings:

Neutral ending
Pacifist ending
Genocide ending

I don’t wanna tell anymore because of spoilers. But you should really try it out.

Genocide ending sounds really apealing


20 characters mm