I'm not getting my TOKENS!


I had 97 tokens… (BTW this has happened more than once). There is a supersonic thing in the “other box” for getting tokens. In supersonic it says I have earned (over but about) 30 tokens. When I got back to supermechs, I don’t have them. By now I should have like 50 more tokens.

(I’m not sure how to get photos in here… I tried and failed) So if you are a supermechs staff, then (I’m not sure if you can but) look into my account. My username is the same as this account. So I think you’re allowed to get the password!

I think I should have 150 tokens in total… so PLEASE! I WANT MY TOKENS BACK!


Hi Jal268

Please contact Sarah on the email below with the full details of the problem including the ID of the account.


ID is found Found in the settings area and try to attach the photos if possible.


This happens… Make sure your SM account it on at the same time as supersonic. Do some activity before going into supersonic. Do at least one battle. Then you can get it going. When you start supersonic, switch back and fourth to make sure your tokens go through. If no activity happens, reload supermechs page to see if there a change in tokens. I usually get the tokens. You don’t have to exit supersonic when you reload.


Anyone having problems with Supersonic right now or just me? This is all I get when using it now:

I haven’t used it in two days. So I want to know if it’s just me. If so, I think I know why.