Im not get reward after play video ads (5x)

@Elcent, @Sarah247 Hello, thank you for you respond previously. I always play ads after win from arena. I always get 9 arena coins after that (9 x5). Today, I only get 6 arena coins (6 x 5). Please I need arena coins, today I only get 30 arena coins. I always get 45 arena coins. I attach some screenshot that annoying ads. After that ads appear screen and cant close that screen. Close that screen it stuck with loading progress. I must re-login after that stuck. Only get 6 arena coins. Please help me, thank you


Is it your WiFi connection?

I do not get Adds(advertising) because of a complete inventory (I suppose so)
I press “to look” and a message appears - “at the moment there is nothing, try again later”.
Every day I get 9 - 9 -6 - 6 - 6 coins :frowning:

Not like that. I watched ads but I dont get reward.