I'm new here :P



Welcome to the forums :exclamation:



@system is crazy, cos OP got flagged, or an forum-alt-account :question:

@Berserk40000 please can you have a look about, I mean new forum member and her/his “Introduce Yourself” post/thread got flagged immediately :interrobang:



Thank you very much!

listed #7


Hello ^^


The unlisting and suspending is due to new user posting as soon as he made account. The system suspended it because it has no badges or trust level. Thats why we suggest you do some reading or complete beginner tutorial before you post so things like this dont happen.




:ok_hand: :joy: :ok_hand:


Nice to meet you Atomus

Welcome to the Forums


Hello @Atomus!

Enjoy your stay here! :partying_face:

Also, Why don’t we have a friendly Energy V Energy? :wink:

I bet people are going to warn you lmao


@Atomus dont, he has a dreadful anti energy mech

I’m one of those people lmao


1 warning up, 20 more lmao



Welcome, enjoy your stay.


sure, if you want to, also sorry for the late reply


+1 rep!! :3 here is your :taco: Weko give taco to you!


He does now? He got exposed


I don’t have an Anti-Energy mech… I have an energy mech that’s all.


then show me a screenshot of all of your mechs…


He’s Trustable


Okay then…Lol, but i dunno him