I'm "lucky" ---


I open a fortune box and got two common items. And this is the first time I got, I got 4 legendary from fortune box already. I think 5% to got a legendary and 2%to get common.


You know what the grey cards represent? The souls of the players who have been lost through playing this game. The blue cards are the ones with hope. Epics are the ones who have stopped playing. Legendaries are people who not only have stopped playing, but are now living successful lives. You see the number of “commons” everyday? That represents the soulless players and gaming addicts. The rares are us. We can choose to stop playing and become “epic,” or we can be dragged deeper and deeper into this and become common. We can become “legends” through hard work and determination. Break the cycle and end this before we all fade away to commons, my friends.

Increasing number of grey cards is quite disturbing
Love this drop rate bs?

And what about mythical? Is that when you design your own game in a superhyperwoke state?


I hoarded some 30 fortune boxes approx. All i recieved was epic iron boot.


When I was 10, I was really suicidal because I thought, “We are just creatures, or even nothing, living in a planet, or even nothing that’s floating in space, there is no end in the universe. What’s the point of living? Why do I even exist and feel pain? Why do I have the ability to think? Wait, does it even matter anymore? I’m just nothing living in nothing, located in nothing. Life is pointless, I shouldn’t even exist, nothing should even exist. All my actions don’t even matter after all. What would it feel like if nothing exists, even the universe itself?”

I’m now 14 and still sometimes have this thought, it drives me really crazy when I think of this.


There is no item called mythical anymore.
Apply for job here and please bring mythical back. :grinning:


Also it’s dumb that you can get lower tier items for rare and higher with fortune boxes. They should all be the same rarity that you land on.


I keep my important epic in mech slots.
If you have many epic in inventory slots you will be less fortunate with epic drop. If game system observes you have no epic in inventory it will lend you more epics. As per my assumption. @Xzyckon


It’s nonexistent. It’s like a state of nirvana. Either that, or death.


And radical tier is when you literally become a god and build your own parallel universe where SuperMechs is much better than in this one.


i laught so hard :))))))))))))))))))))))))


At least they completed their mission… there is plenty of lag in the game.


You cant even TYPE without GOOGLE TRANSLATE


These are things that happen in childhood and adolescence. With adulthood all that goes away.


Good luck all!! Never stop dreaming and imagine!


Shouldnt be that the state of a top50 f2p that have a life, job and social interaction?


i have tought about this too lol


Holy shit that’s deep man