Im looking for good clan


Im looking for active good clan with friendly players
Im very active and friendly player :wink: :cookie:
Currently rank


@L4K3 :upside_down_face:


good luck then :slight_smile:


Thx ^^ u too x3 :cookie:


@L4K3 come heeeeeeere


The dude is actually really nice so I have no objections whatsoever.Also has good mechs.

Uchiha,would you mind joining BTB?


Yes ^^ :wink: :cookie: Just search me on german chat and I pm


You are usefull than me.


Remember that BTB’s first known quality is the familiarity.
We have rank 13-14’s here,just because they were nice enough.
But…We’ll also have to count the skills and mechs a little from now on;that in order to progress.


Lol no, we have crap players (@SeanChoi1870 lol) but it’s mostly about who fits into the group well and who will create beef and rivalries and what not


Uchiha,we’re debating over another little issue at the moment.
Just so you know,nobody disagreed so I’ll gladly take you in after the matter is finished.


looks like some one is getting in a good clan good for you


You can join a clan named amiga leader is rank 4 jespar


Sparsh thx but I join L4K3 clan :cookie: :wink:


welcome 20charecterrrrrrr


X3 I feel today lucky :wink: :cookie:


I thought your name is “Uchiha Madara” in SM?


Was but I rename bcs I find it bad :confused: :cookie:


Well, I think you remember fighting me a couple times (Not in this name)


Maybe :smiley: :cookie: