I'm looking for an active clan, I make more than 100 victories

Hi I’m rank 7 or 5 and play a lot , I start to play 4 months ago I’m

progress very good I think , and the clan need doing the 1000 victorys per week, very active titan, wars etc,


hmm you seem familiar

WOW. 4 months ago in that level. Nice. :+1::upside_down_face:

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Yes I doing the mission 6 before big boy all the time, I see player lv 150 or 160 more rank like 3. Or 2 because they pay :relieved: but that’s ok for me

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yep, I farm all the time and yes I was at your level in 4 months or less and still moving fast in my OD FARM acc now at 232 and finished my other acc already at L250. Nice to be at R5 already in 4 months. You should not have issues to be in a clan. Good luck. There are some teams here in the search every weak and are good teams. They need those wins. :+1:

Hi @androide maybe wanna join our clan “NO Brain NO Pain” ?
Top 50, 1000 wins per week (this week we trying collect 2000 wins), clan war: at this moment we fight for A box.

Join us and let’s grow together :wink::muscle:

Hi I looking for a new player for a my clan . My clan is top20" but you must a polish player

You must grind a lot. Here is a suggestion. Join one of the W.L. Gang clans. I am in the first one and the clan is ranked 11. With a 35 win quota. The weekly wins are at least 840 so you will get the 1000 win mark. There are 4. W.L. Gang
W.L. Gang 2.0
W.L. Gang 3.0
W.L. Gang 4.0
If you want to get in you can talk to death gun on the SM discord server. Im on there too as wishingsnail. https://discord.gg/nyjMgM here is the link