Im looking for a pro clan (no noobs) lol


Hello, im SAINT777 old Super Mechs gamer, i play it since the game was new in kongregate, im lvl 80 right now, i play everyday (to be honest mostly to do daily quests), if your clan has good rank and cool name i am available to join, let me know if you want me in your clan, thank you very much


there are a few of them…
the question is, are they interested in you?..:grin:


good question, but i dont really care i play other games also and enjoy real life :smiley:


you can join my clan

it is called LEGEND ROBOTS


you see???
i was wrong!!!..:rofl:


Well, my clan is MFP. Now we are clan top 64 in the world, if you want to join tell me


sounds good, i can try