I'm looking for a clan

I just reached level 72 today,have 3 mechs that I keep upgrading,am very active as I play every day and also have a pretty good win-lose ratio.
I’m an older player of SM (started before SM Reloaded) and I’ve gained a bunch of experience across the many fights/encounters I went through in this game.
I’ve always wanted a medal on my character page so I’d be amazed if I get to be invited in a better clan.
More about me…If it’s a bout Sm I’m definitely a hard worker (and maybe a bit of a hardcore player as well :slight_smile: )
'Will be waiting :wink:


Yey, what is your in-game nick, mysterious ONE?

This reminds me when I was in Hamza’s clan. It was only a few hours before the tournament ended and we were 3rd. I told Hamza I was leaving and that he should find a better player. I didn’t deserve that bronze medal, somebody else did.

Anyway, I’m a clan leader but my clan isn’t competitive at all, but I recommend The Fastest if you can find Yahia Salem, it’s a clan with members 5-2 that’s usually below rank 10.


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As player with the most Single Gold Medals …

  • of ALL time

  • of ALL players

  • made in all versions of SuperMechs

… I am able to give you best advice to get your Clan medal you wish.

Reign is Top Clan now, sometimes first as this week, sometimes 2nd. So it will be hard for you to get in their, cos you are to weak at the moment for this clan.

HardToKill is also again a Top Clan now, sometimes first as last 2 weeks, somethimes 2nd. Since you draw that amazing picture for me, your chances to enter HardToKill are = 0 :exclamation:

So only left Clan to enter with a chance to get your medal you are dreaming from, is Littlelost your lost :grey_exclamation:
I think it is my absolute best advice to try to enter them, since you like them so much, it will be very easy for you :exclamation:

And when you did that, you will get an amazing bronze medal :exclamation:


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I am looking for serious player, max mechs, not cheat , wins well and to kill cheat htk and reign

my clan is already legendary and medal record, we need great players and faithful to win top 1


Wish you all the best with it … Good Luck :exclamation:

BUT MAYBE you can stop accusing HardToKill for cheating, since WE ALL know that most cheating took / take part in Littlelost your lost clan :grey_exclamation:

Thanks a lot :exclamation:


I have 3 mechs,each with a mythical torso and my first one has a myth weapon (annihilation for that phys build;just transformed it today) so I guess you’re right…My setup isn’t strong enough yet

I applied yesterday but didn’t get accepted.So much for that
PS:You don’t have to be rude rn…One thing that we got over our ‘‘argument’’ from last time and another thing that I created this topic in hopes that someone might accept me in a clan.Maybe not one of the top clans but not a 2-person clan either.I didn’t say top because I know I ain’t the strongest player alive…

See?Didn’t say Reign,HTK or Lyl (tho I’d love to get in Lyl one day)
Also,thanks for the advice as the BEST PLAYER:


I don´t really know you in the game. However I appreciate much more people who want to progress and strive, than the big stars. Rome was not built in 1 day.

I don´t make final decisions in my clan. I trust the Boss criterion, who is much more observant. However, I suggested at some point some player who did not seem so good, but he looked hardworking and honest, and I was pleased to see how he progressed and continues to progress day after day.

You dream of having your medal, and someday you will achieve it. But you will see that it´s much more satisfying to beat a difficult player than to have 1 medal. Because the medal is only to show others and your personal victories, which nobody sees, those are for you.

Good luck!


Thanks for the encouragement and the time you accorded me (on this thread).
I’ll take the advice and continue playing as hard as I have up 'till now.
How nice of you to write that :blush:

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Hello, I’m looking at you from time to time and excellent progress :slight_smile:


Wow,it feels amazing reading that.Thanks a lot!
(I just changed that energy type today,making it a full drainer.I’m gonna keep working on that 1st physical tho…There’s still a lot to be done on it but I’ll get there,just you wait :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :slight_smile: )


Today I finally play a battle vs. you.

Excellent your first mech! with an epic HP plate more, would be even better (ask El Metre for a little help, he knows how to build good mechs).

I assume that others are still under construction. You are going for the good way!


Thank you so much!
I most appreciate it.At least now I know all the time I spent working on these is paying out :slight_smile:
And yeah,they’re still a WIP.Plus I’ll add another plate to the first one when I upgrade the other cooling boosters/heat engines on it so it evens out.

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Want to join my clan

Hey dere name is GODZILLA i have a clan that is good it has good win percenatange and good players and u seem like a nice person and a strong player were curently in the top 10 your help with my clan would be most appreciated thanks for your time give me a message back :slight_smile:

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And i think u and me are old buddies if memeory serves me right

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what is wrong with the 2 person clans?
like wepwawet said, rome cic not built in one day…

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Ok lol

That’s right :wink:
I remember first fighting you when I was like level 30 or so :))))