I'm looking for a clan with the following requirements


A clan with pro players with good mechs , And with rank 12 , Cuz that’s my rank , Please ? Any clans here ?


Check out INERGY R.I.P . Our arena points are relatively low at the moment, but we are missing a few members. We do get a lot of wins every week and our average rank is 11 :slight_smile:


Sorry,mate,but those simply don’t match…
Unless you’re in BTB,of course.

No,don’t ask about BTB.It’s a sad story,although it left beautiful memories.


Check out Wolfenstein: the new order. We have 20/24 ppl, are ranked like 500 in clan rankings, and no players are below rank. I personally, along with at least 5 other ppl, are at rank 10. Feel free to join us.


You sure? I checked the clans and searched it up. I’m rank 10.