I'm "Littlelost" - the leader of L.L.Y.L. clan, from SuperMechs


Hi! I remember all those years of playing this game. with nice and funy moments and with bad times… We all pased from that… But in those years I have gained experience and have always tried to keep a good attitude and I have struggled to build the oldest and most powerful clan in the game. The 131 medals, of which 73 are gold (on posting), prove this. We have collected the elite members in years, tried to bring people right and we worked with devs to fix the problems that were in the game.
I sincerely hope the devs to focus first in order to fix the current problems in the game and then to launch new graphics qualities of the game.
I wish those interested, to join us, and the enemies to be no more envious … :slight_smile:



Battledawn right? when did u guys play


No, this is SM clan, not BD.


HAHAHA Feitan back at it again :joy::joy:


No, I’m from SuperMechs, and I have changed the title to can see that… Thanks for warning. :slight_smile:


It’s no worry. You posted in the right section. But the SM side hasn’t officially moved over to this forum yet, so usually, people just assume its confused BD players posting in wrong section. Unfortunately, you likely won’t get much response from SM players in here yet. Alex has not yet officially moved them over to the new forums (it will be done with a future update I believe).


Hey i had my suspicions


Actually that’s up to others right now, I don’t really involve myself with Super Mechs anymore, even though I still play occasionally. :slight_smile:

And yeah - SM isn’t quite moved yet. Just a placeholder right now!

Bit of a tip in advance for BD players, you can “mute” SM and it wont show up in your topic feed. :slight_smile:


ur amazing,one day ill be in ur clan, princess sadaan is my in game username,


Thanks. We will see Princess… :slight_smile:


Salut littlelost ce mă bucur că în acest joc cel mai bun clan e deținut de un roman


Meep…are you the real one???


I the RasberryBleach v.2 in chat…see you guys!!!


Littlelost is romanian


Mersi. Sa stii ca fara ajutorul membrilor mei nu am fi reusit sa fim cei mai buni… si avem membri din mai multe tari, asa ca meritul e si al lor.


Dami linkul facebookului sa te bag la prieteni


Ca sa mai vorbim si sa cer sfaturi


it was good to see you in chat. Have a nice day.


meep…what is happening with this game…?