I'm leaving the game. But not for the reason you might expect

I’m leaving the game because we lost internet access here. My brother and me are about to register to a new school. I’m going to High School, while my little brother are going to Junior High School. The combined registration fee of both of them ended up costing us a lot of money. So we ended up kinda broke, and because of that, my parents decided to not pay our Internet bill for a while, and the ISP cut out our internet access. And I’m relying on my dad’s mobile data plan to make this topic.

Now you might say that Supermechs didn’t cost that much internet bandwidth, and you’d be correct. But the problem isn’t Supermechs, it’s Windows 10. If I used a Hotspot connection to connect my laptop to the internet through my dad’s phone, Windows 10 will hog all of the data allowance my dad had just for telemetry, spying and automatic updates that we all know and hate. Besides that, my laptop had a problem where it will overheat and shut down every time I run supermechs for anytime more than 10 minutes. I don’t know what’s causing that, maybe the thermal paste is gone or the CPU fan is dusty.

Switching to Linux isn’t an option either since I need a huge amount of data to download a Linux iso, and my dad only had a gig of data.

Playing on phone isn’t an option either since I don’t actually have one. (I’m using may dad’s phone to type this. )

So the reason I make this topic is because I just wanna say goodbye to all of the forum members, you guys are awesome. I might visit the forum from time to time, but I won’t touch the game for a while.



bye and welcome back

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Goodbye @Padaruyos

I wish you the best of luck with your finances, and to your education. :slight_smile:

Talos will be waiting, until you get back.


Oh no… padaruyos!!!

Be back quick

You can use my data, pls stay

goodbye then

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Ok… cya later…(Does that even possible?)

Hi Padaruyos, Windows 10 telemetry sounds like its super annoying. That being said, you should disable it. This is the first thing I found on Google:



Or you could try these programs to disable telemetry and spying:


Wow! Thank God, I’m still a Windows 7 user. I had no idea how aggressive Windows 10 is. I thought changing the auto updates would be easy as this:


Hmm, a quickie solution I found is “wumgr”:


It appears you can disable auto update, and then choose which updates you want to install:

It sounds like you’ve an old laptop. A laptop-cooling fan would come in handy.


If buying one isn’t an option, I suggest ice packs. I used to use a few to get my old laptop running, just make sure to use a towel under the ice packs so it doesn’t damage the table.

Ah, the good ol’ days when I only used a landline phone.


Rip my rotary phone… :bouquet:

Hey man, I hope these suggestions makes your life easier on the internet.


Ну тогда пока попробуйте вернуться как можно скорее.

Gl with the internet problems dude

My internet is already back online. From a few days ago actually. But my laptop overheating problem still persists. So i still can’t play SM. Heck, my laptop sometimes overheated when i’m watching a YouTube video.

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