I'm here 15 times more than 15 char limit


Vacation is only for 2 days, but it felt like forever.
Anyways, here I am.

Don’t have any interesting photos, since most of them are just family pictures.

Here are the places we visited:

Strawberry farm
Tea plantation
Animal park
A hotel

Cameron Highlands is on top of a hill. So it’s pretty dang cold tthere.
Fun times with family.



The dude with gray jacket is a butthole (me)


Hey, cool. WMist, that’s a nice photo of you. I had no idea you’re Filipino. I hope you’re having fun! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hope you had fun :smiley:


Thanks you two.
I am having fun.

Btw, I am Malaysian. Not Filipino lol.



Eh, that’s close enough. You guys are neighbors anyway.


Welcome back, mate :smiley:


Do u see why do i liek you?


I’m sexy


Well i’m same :b:.


My face is good, but my body is ugly lol so don’t get too proud.


Don’t worry :b:
Ull groaw up ;);):wink: