I'm haunted or what...?

For days I have been campaigning, I´ve consumed 4 fuel tanks a day, I have increased 3 levels, which is no small thing. Managed to maxed 3 myth items, which is not a small thing either … but in all this time I only got 2 to 3 fortune boxes a day … and what? the light always stops in the blue and very occasionally in violet, I don´t get a legendary in a fortune box nor by decree!

So I decided to open some boxes of 335 T. … and what? nothing!! this time if they came out legendary, but 2 repeated and the other legendary garbage that serve only to upgrade … with the 75 dont try, those always come out epic.

Is it me or does the same thing happen to everyone?


before every 5 battles they gave 1 box fortune and the more boxes you got the cup of legendaries increased something very good and beneficial for all but as always there is a moment where the odds of fortune box go down in such a way that they will only give you things rank 2 but well that’s life

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and if it is unfair that it has a common, rare, epic and legendary because it does not epic, legendary and mythical obio mittal cup probalities of 1 out of 70 ramboy attacks

How many times a day you login sm, i remember i did login during last portal. Finger rip

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Several times … I usually reload the page many times. I use a lot of what we are testing and I do BB in hard mode.

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Don’t expect anything good from fortune boxes now, unless it’s from a portal.

Now if I find one and the light ends on purple, I already consider that better than average.

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Ami I got this something good if I had a brutality but I do not have it so I’m content to have it but if you want a legendary go with the ramboy dealer you need legendary? Do not worry, the ramboy dealer will give you what you want. Does a weapon need energy? ramboy will give it to you, does it need a legendary weapon of heat? Do you need legendary? He will give it to you but call now call 01800-4565

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I called the Ramboy dealer and I got redirected to voicemail…

I am sorry to many people who want legendary so they stole 135 legendary and mysteriously someone got a mythical torso so he lost his complete fortune

Well stop saying things like these for me give more epics in the night I do not know what it has to do but a higher cup of epics may be true or lie but it works for me

Welcome to MechDonalds, how may I take your order?

3 legendary ones of preference one hp plate and two heat modules from legendary to mythical

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Alright, that’ll be be $5000

I do not better buy things from the ramboy dealer xD

To me they bewitched me … I have to turn tread

Can you teach friend what they give you in the following mission?

I got a death punch and a shotgun at the beginning, when it was easy to get things like that. After never again! But there are people who have 6 or 7 of these! Explain to me how they do…

I’ll let you see 3 battles with ramboy and I’ll show you :wink:

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well I did not get anything good so you hit me your bad luck but I explain even with money everything can be

Here is a thread for you this should answer your question…