I'm getting there

Looks like a great start.

Nightmare is a good torso if you have access to mythical plates. Since you don’t, and probably won’t for a long, long time, both Avenger and Brutality are much better.

You’ll get more total stats out of a high-HP core and fewer HP plates.

I had invested something, not nonsense, but something, in 2016 and I managed to put together many myths (later you learn that things should be done in moderation, but I was very noob and I wanted fast results).I had a real store of modules… lol

At first I fused them. Then someone told me “you should never get rid of any mythical”, so I kept collecting things that I didn´t need at all.

I must say, that when the update arrived, they were useful to me. I managed to fuse a complete mech and something else with all that + the coins that I collected in campaign.

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  1. Because I don´t have! years in the game!, only 1 year and 7 months.

  2. Because there will always be someone better player or stronger than me.

  3. Because I don´t want to be like you, or how you want me to be.

4 . Because you are not ABLE (less skillz) to win a Single Gold Medal




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I still feel robbed, I could’ve bought loads of games with the amount I spent, and spared myself this nonsense

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Wepwawet - myth items maniac :wink:

+1 :sunglasses:

Besty, not a medal is a happiness.

but it is in cookies. :cookie:


A :cookie: for @Wepwawet :exclamation:


:cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

3 for me.

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Zarkares ate ur :cookie:


You do not need to have 20 years in the game when your best strategy is to buy tokens and have full fused. Good thing you can do it, the sad thing is to have everything full fused and not win. that is really sad. (maybe you need to ask @El_Metre or another player who knows how to play that is your co-pilot, maybe you’ll get your medal as well)

or you can ask to @bestplayerintheworld to teach you how to win a medal or teach you strategy, believe me she knows how to win. :wink:

example of why you do not need to have years when you have talent.

Many remember old exit, he only had a couple of months of having reached the game (he also bought a lot) but once at the maximum level he was unstoppable. He won a lot of medals and he only had a couple of months in the game, that’s the difference between a good player and you You can win when casually you win some important battle and that victory will favor you but not because your combat ability will lead you to victory. not everyone can be “messi”


lol… no!! 90% did not work for me at all!

Nor were all mythical … had many legendary and some elements such as shields, teleports, etc.

Now, I look at my inventory, and besides what I have placed in the mechs, I only have 5 legendary and 1 mythical … then I remember my friend when she said to her daughter "so you want another pair of pants, if you only have 2 legs? " Why do I want to accumulate things if I can only use 3 mechs?

the voice of experience speaks.!!!

but I’m sorry to tell you that we’re not talking about your personal tastes here.

of those you can have what you want … it’s your problem … what you put in you.


and try not to lose control, breathe deeply, inhale and exhale.
Take your pills for tension, relax. I do not want to cause you an attack, try to control the verbal diarrhea, it makes you look even worse.

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The important thing is not how others see you. The important thing is how you see yourself.

And how do you see yourself biting the hand that gave you food?

What do you find pleasant? pretend to lower the self-esteem of people with your old psychological tricks? Or is it simply self-destructive behavior?

It has not occurred to you to think that your interlocutor can simply be pretending to fall into the trap, to observe your own reactions? Or simply because your interlocutors do not have anything important to do at this moment and while drinking a coffee cup, they are actually having fun with you …

My dear friend, El Metre, said: “It’s not the dog fight, it’s the fight inside the dog …”


if you say it … well, your word goes ahead …

Maybe in their own cases they are right! if you feel animals, you are free to do so,

how would the adapted thought be, “It’s not the rabbit fight, it’s the fight inside the rabbit …”

who is winning in your internal fight? for sure you lose too!

to be able to play you must at least have the minimum capacity required, believe me you have never been in the game, you’re only where I wanted you to be, making you think that’s where you wanted to be

do not keep wasting time trying to outdo me, you know that even with an intellectual army you will can never. do not continue with your sterile attempts. (you know me and know who i am)

I’m going to make it easy for you, basic level so maybe you can understand it.

  • measure your words in the forum.

  • respect people.

  • do not talk more.

  • Do not go into shock every time @bestplayerintheworld says something.

  • Respect different points of view.

  • stop thinking that the world revolves around you. (even in the game you think that all the players prepare their mechs just to face you, leave the dementia)

    Follow these simple steps and you will not have the nightmare that represents dealing with me in this field. you simply can never win.

the only way would be buying tokens for you to put full fused your brain, upppsss but you can not.

“He who says what he should not, hears what he does not want”


My absolute favorite sentence in the whole forum :exclamation:

Love you @ShadowOfDeath, you always fnd the best words, to describe things how they are :grey_exclamation:

@Kaen and you could be brothers :grey_exclamation:


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nice dude im f2p too but just because i feel game isnt complete yet and i wont get a worthy experience x my money
i started a new acc, this is the 6th day and i can say game preffer newbies i evolved 6 legendaries on those days playing 3 hours per day exhausting fuel on bosses my plan is get a legendary-mythical item before new year with the tokens im saving
if everything go as planned ill post a good 1 month mech x xmas
good luck and keep improving!