I'm getting there

$0 spent so far and my mech looks pretty good

As an important side note, I don’t have a single legendary-mythical(p2w only) item


When you can do it, use that brutality. It’s much better than nightmare.

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I need the kg, Nightmare is the only torso I can use

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Module loadout:

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I would use only the 2 Annihilation and in night eagle + hook + charge…

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You can add windigo or brutality torso with it. You need one more engergy engine + epic multi resist would be good.

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The epic resistance occupies a lot of weight and is useless. The resistance that serves is the mythical and if you achieve at least 50…

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2 anny’ but energy mech with rolling leg run away all the time plus last word it is difficult for me to defeat. If i have first turn with teleport i go close to range 1 or 2. At the end i had to crawl n lose.

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I have the Nightfall to deal with physical mechs and range

I have it like that … Mine does not carry an energy module. But I could remove an HP plate (I have only epics) and place an energy module. That goes in tastes …

It has hook, charge and teleport


You dont have multi resists module?

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I had an epic and it was the same as having nothing … so I took it off. And I do not have mythical.

The same with this mech I can beat mechs with mythical resistance.

Heyyyyyy that’s pretyyguuud

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Meanwhile I spent hundreds of dollars preupdate, and my mech is still all legendary.

Moral of the story: don’t spend, it might be taken away from you in a future update


It´s a very simple and effective phys mech.

As you can see, everything have, can be obtained in common items boxes.

The HP plates are all epic.

im f2p player but im not saying you should not spend money, you should if you like, this way you can get some premium items too. this is really depends upon personal perception how much you want to conquer the game.

I was so nervous the day the “update” came … I had not been to the Beta, I had not collected coins. I only had 3,000 mythical ones that were not very useful to me. I didn´t really know what to do.

That day I left the clan. I didn´t want to hurt anyone. In the ranking I was around 4000 and so many. Lost with everyone. Later I saw that my clanmates were the same or worse than me, and I returned. Alone would not achieve anything.

There I began to grind and grind campaign. After 10 days I had an acceptable mech.



realy 3 000?
for what?

out of boxes, cos she spent most money of all … +10,000 $


they didn’t fall from heaven


I still wonder why she was/is not able to do 1 Single Gold Medal since years, with that huge amount of money she spent :exclamation:

No skillz maybe :question: :grey_exclamation:


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