I'm FAQing proud! :D


I’m proud I maxed chests I can carry before open.

And GG @SM tht insert a “warning msg” when u’r close to reach the limit.


I am also Frequently Asked Questions -ing proud of you!


Also, have fun opening them little rascals.


Do any of u know what the limit is?

999 saved boxes at max?
Or can u carry 999 x type?

(Type I mean : arena box, premum pack boxes, silver boxes, fortune, etc)


I think the max is 1000 of any box, possibly 999


Mine was not 999, nor 1000. It was like 930.




Instead of adding a message saying ‘‘Open boxes or you risk losing them’’,why not FIX THE DAMN BUG ALREADY,WE’VE HAD IT FOR OVER HALF A DAMN YEAR!
But no,adding a stupid message is easier,why the hell bother?


Oh,forgot about that stuff
Can you please fix this problem?

We also want golden boxes have some legy items inside.


I’m test it and post results here ASAP


limit is 940 about, i’ll post some screens/proofs right when i can