Im done with this stupid complaint

f2p isn’t that hard, I got to rank… oh wait I spent 70$ on here XD

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Little known fact wepwawet is now F2P






like 69 years HA nice try


hes cultured and a true jedi master

I am also kinda f2p … collected all for free …


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Even if you are P2w you still need to do alot of F2p Stuff,

p2w would be nice but im broke so RIP

I’m p/f. Lol. I considered myself of a more free to play person but I have spent 30 of actual money (for the backstabber mech build sale) and have spent about 70 in Google play gift cards. Lol
That’s in the course of 1 year playing. Currently making arena 5 consistently

I’ve dropped literally hundreds of dollars and can’t get past rank 9-11.

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And what do you care? Do you sleep with me to know what I am and what I´m not?

If you want to be funny to have your klappers applaud you, leave me out of your nonsense. Aim for the other side.

Hey man,don’t do that ever again.
Thanks for reading.

Don’t spend money on SM full stop.

Calma te. It was a joke. Relax . Have a little fun . It’s just a game .

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i am a dedicated f2p, and also quite a lucky f2p in games.

6 months ago i got the 2nd - 3rd strongest character in this one game as a f2p and players called me a whale lmao (a rich p2w), and in SM i got some pretty nice items in both accs


Im a joker. But I prefer that you not name me. Don’t include me in your jokes. Simple, you don’t name me, you don’t mention my clan and I don’t have you in mind either.

I will never forget llyl! Still a big fan. :+1:

U get good on F2P by get strategy. If u go like rambo,u just get ass-kicked. More the fact,if u get to complete the campaign,u can farm on bigboy.

Being a free player is not impossible as long as you dont miss a day on a game :wink:

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