Im done with this game

Hi everyone, and i want to talk about our old good game. Im playing this game for 6 years since the beta version of the game. I remember every update made to this game and i want to talk about the reincarnation of SM. I had o lot of accs and was one of the top players … But what im going to do now with all my stuff and my mechs? Tacticsoft just took our time and money and threw it like a bag of trash. The game is very disbalanced now: a lot of cheaters, stupid fuse items update, and this campaing update. I even tried to make a new acc with a new mech but im loosing almost every ranked battle because someone has donated and bought his ticket to the top players list. I know that a lot of veterans are still playing this game and i want to ask them: how u guys made ur way this far with this stupid updates? What about me, im just tired and want to leave this game :disappointed: . Hope someone understand me and can help with solving this problem. All questions are welcome!


I think that’s a personal decision and nobody can influence it. You know whether you want to stay or not. If you stay, you will have to adapt to the new rules. Because you have to accept it, the past does not return.

Not really if there are many cheats in game. What I do see is that there are people that since I know him never put a single $ in the game and now appeared with all mythical, until the modules. Let’s face it, you don´t get that with coins, even if you have billions. You get that by buying hundreds of premium boxes. So I have that doubt.

With regard to “donors”, they are players who have bought a lot. As such, they have built very good mechs and that allows them to keep them on top. They are exposed as anyone to lose or win. They win a lot because they bought and have good mechs. Fine.

Then … as we have said here many times, this is no longer a game of intelligence and strategies, but of force. Any monkey with guns can win if they give him the best items. Much they that in the previous version of game lost a lot, now you see them in top, only because they bought a lot and have the best in their mechs.

If you stay, those are the rules. “That’s all folks”