I'm done just done with people like this on chats



lol no one cares about what we do in chats your post is meaningless




The only high quality part of your screenshots is the green name on the right side of the screen.


Lol yea you right man


192 players in lobby. That seems like less than it used to be some time ago. Are people doing the right thing and quitting?


no it stiill shows more people are online its now at 262 people online


smokey used to hate everyone for no reason, send 50 battle invitations and spamming “COWARD” and other insults, because of his own problems…

Don’t care.


I think that in every chat they have their toxic people, in the Spanish chat there is a couple … they do not improve their accounts, they spend more hours in the chat.



If you didn’t see my post that Elcent so kindly unlisted, you’ll probably be dealing with “me” doing the same things soon.



LoL, seen that thread :sweat_smile:


He dosent hate me lol


Why do you even care? Lol smokeys probably frustrated that he maxed his archimonde lol


Why am I bothering…


Smokey isn’t toxic, he’s just sad. No one likes him, he likes no one.


I like him as a person


Just now. (07/02/2018 5:15 AM)


His Profile


Nice one Lol.


huh…you are death claw…I’ve seen you many times in the chats…My in game name is Yuo Echo…I think I have fought you a couple of times…


Actually he is toxic. He insta quits fights after dropping homophobic slurs. He isn’t fun to talk to or to fight.