I'm curious, what does the heat one say?


Because you know, this is obviously a priority issue.

P.S. Can we also have a KitKat break?


Heat one is SHUT DOWN!, when you shut down 2 turns per attack. OVERHEATED! is when you shut down for 1 turn in an attack


Yep, noticed that one as well. What an awesome feature! I wonder how we managed in the past without it. It is as if my entire world changed once I can see this super-duper phrase displaying on the screen… (warning: sarcasm intended)…


Another version of slight of hand so they don’t have to tackle the failing comparison algorithm that the PvP arena uses.
Sure a 3000 HP bot should always go against a 900 to 1000 HP bot it’s totally fair right… even when they’re in a totally different level.


Don’t the heat one say Shutdown, OVERHEATED! and Heat Critical? It is just not as flashy as the energy one. As a energy mech pilot I get sick of seeing it 1000 times a day.


Specily when it happens to you… aint that a shocker… pun intended


There is also one that says: PERFECT for when you defeat an enemy after taking 0 damage.
It’s true, try it on a low level PVE encounter and smash something in 1 shot in your opening turn.
Why that prompt exists, who knows, but it’s there.


Also this, when the damage is the exact amount of remaining hp.


There is also a Perfect! if you kill without taking any damage.


hahaha!!!.. lol… enclosed cat!!