Im confused ๐Ÿ˜•

Should i upgrade my void to myth or my legs to myth first?

I have all weapons to myth and all mods to max legendary

I think you should myth your Void first. It does -5 Physical Resistance which will help kill your opponent a bit easier.

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Yeah i guess

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Legs first, who tf upgrades their drone before finishing their legs?

If I recall itโ€™s only a 5 resist drain bonus (useful but Iโ€™d take the HP of the legs over it).

Uh no, thereโ€™s a big damage increase as well

I already have like 2k HP, how much more HP does legs give?

Pretty certain it depends on what legs you have, phys ones give the most HP. Although, 2k is pretty high. So def go for drone (I was thinking your HP was around 15-1600, apologies).

Its phy - iron boots,

Ok I will get my drone then, need to upgrade my last legend and I can do it