Im cherry :3 how r u all old frnds and is my acc a trash now?


hey guys sup its so long since i played i just wanted to say hi and ask that my old acc was very op but now i have lots of power kits and no items to use them on; so which i cant get disposed off and as a result cant open any boxes .so to literaaly ask is my acc a trash now xd? :grinning:


Yes, after SM reload, any legacy items are trash.
And welcome back to forum


idk ill need to see ur acc in order to tell if it is trash


some of them are still good. one reduces cooling by 25 per shot


List of good legacy items:
1kg teleporter
20% energy shield
push weapons( bully, push, blow back) for energy mechs
65 cooling module ( a bit heaving )
cool down blocker mk 2 ( -25 cooling )
Some 3 range legs



not useable, because you will miss the +400 HP from the new legs
(or you ment legs = legandaries?)

and you forgot to mention the 2 knock back sword with only 45 weight (Meteor)
also the heat shields are also pretty good, since high heat cap is usual



You can contact @Sarah247 and ask her to delete your items for you. (Yes this is their so called “solution” to this)


I buy tomorrow a new Porsche, but cannot start driving cos I need to wait for my driver license.

Taticsoft would have a solution, “we take away all wheels” (costed only +20000 $).

Nono, better to make your own “solutions” :exclamation:



@Bell Nice to see you back :hug:


I don’t think I’ve ever met you so…Nice to meet you @Bell


Welcome to the forum! :grinning:


Welcome to the forum!

Also, to fix your inventory issue, I suggest using tokens to get additional inventory space. Or can’t you boost power kits with power kits? Idk… but welcome!


I wouldn’t say that she’s new, X3


Hey everybody! My name is Andyace and I’ve been playing SuperMechs for a long time