I'm bored, so here

I’m kind of bored right now, and I think since I started here I haven’t introduced myself yet… So here’s some small info about me :

My name is Ryuuta, I am half Japanese and half Filipino, I have natural white hair which I kinda don’t like, I’m 26 years old and uhh… I work as an Electric Cable Repairman and my favorite colors are Blue, Green, Cyan, and Indigo… And my hobbies are helping people on anything at all, drawing, playing games and reading.

SM Info :

IGN : cyanine
Mechs : 1 Drainer, 1 Phys/Heat counter, and 1 Rounded Physical
Favorite Damage Type : Energy
Favorite weapon based on corresponding DMG type : Valiant Sniper, Bunkershell, EMP and Ash Creator.
Rank on Pre-Reload : Rank 1, 5-10 Stars
Rank on Very first parts of Reload : Rank 1-2, 0-10 Stars
Rank today : Ranks 6-4, rare Rank I get is Rank 3.
Extra Info : I have a hell lot of Epics but I fuse them sometimes, a few L-Ms, and 1 single Bronze Clan Medal.


That’s my dream hair lol but will never do


I thought u were 30 xD

Cool then

The reason I have White hair is because I have dead dopamine receptors or the sh*t that also powers your skin color in my hair. Makes me look like I’m a crazy lil’ person strutting down the streets.

Don’t worry

Due to the fact that I wear whatever clothes I have, sometime I look like someone who just got out of a junkyard

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So ripped jeans? E w w w w w w w w w w w w w w

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How can you be bored? There’s so much to do on the internet.

I acctualy realise the joke.

What joke?

I won’t tell you old man.


tim to git trigrd agin

never thought that adults play sm XD


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wut, what i’ve said is relative to the topic, what’s wrong ?

This is 5 months old

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but the thread isn’t being closed

What?, no thread is closed unless there are too many flags…

where are the rules ?

i’m the same with this guy but why we are so different ?