I'm Bored af :|


Fluffeh’s avatar
Not sure if it’s a fanart but oh well…


I’m not much into drawing/painting stuff. But your sketch is indeed beautiful.
It seems you got too much of free time. If that is the case you should try BD over SM.


And I hereby declare you the new, official, best forum member of 2017. :tada::fireworks::confetti_ball:

But really, I’m quite flattered that you chose to do mine, considering this right now is technically our first direct interaction.

-critic hat on-

The proportions are slightly off (everything’s a bit horizontally compressed and the left strand of hair’s gone a little wild) but the essence and expression is spot on.

The left and the right pupil don’t quite have the same shading treatment but overall I actually like the flatter colouring here more as opposed to my actual avatar (the shine effect on the hair isn’t matched by any on the skin, which causes some dissonance).

The hair bow colouring also got a bit muddied with the hair, and the perspective is technically off (but hey, it’s the same issue in my actual avatar, so can’t really fault you on that).

All in all, a solid effort and great result on a traditional medium. I’d love to see more. :smile:

Overall rating: :star::star::star::star:

-critic hat off-


I’m curious if anyone else is gonna attempt to draw my avatar, actually. I quite enjoy browsing galleries like DeviantART, though I’m usually extremely discreet when showing appreciation (often I find it rather awkward to shower unfettered praise on someone).

I’ve used this avatar consistently for some years now, but quite honestly, I’m not 100% satisfied with it. It actually came from one of those character generator games, so the quality leaves a lot to be desired in many places (totally not an advertisement for others to submit new avatar ideas to me).



Btw I just took a quick glance at your avatar so I didn’t paid attention to the details and coloring. Besides, I’m more into shading than coloring. Too bad I already colored it before I could compare each styles.


I fear that may partly be my fault… :sweat_smile:

But great job on the drawing mocha. Keep submitting art! ^^


Whoa this is awesome,

The Death Grips album cover, “No love deep web”, you should use it :slight_smile:



“The Grand Master of Shibas” so…


Can we have a sketching/coloring context with BD/SM as theme & have a small reward? Similar to writing a story upto 200 words which we did last time on old forum?
Also if I recall correctly, Micheal himself was one of the judges.


Im gonna try to draw the fluffball’s ava tmr.


Not my best work but to be fair I havent drawn anything in well over a year.
Didn’t color it cuz i dont really color. just draw. lel. Plus dont have any color pencils lying around.


I am not an artist but that looks pretty spot on to me.


If u look around u can see some sloppy parts. I was too lazy to bother fixing it tho…


My favorite image:


55555555555555555555555555555555555+ XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD